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'Challenges' in EYFS

Our ethos and philosophy for our children is implemented through Continuous Provision, or ‘challenges’.  This is where children play through a structured approach, thus having the freedom to pursue their interests independently, but also achieving highly in an environment that encourages a challenging curriculum based around our topic.


We noticed the children were interested in the heights and weights of different objects. Therefore we provided measuring sticks, measuring tapes, balancing scales, bathroom scales and kitchen scales to enhance their interests. The children's learning was enhanced by adult support and their own interests; they eventually measured the height and weight of most children in the class, recorded this, and began to understand standard units of measurement. 

StrTeachers and Teaching Assistants work hard in this environment to extend children’s learning through play by questioning, providing resources, and encouraging their individual pursuits.

StrFor Maths and Literacy, there is a whole-class input followed by group work, where some children access challenges and some work with the Teacher or TA. This then rotates so that each child can access the different learning opportunities. Working this way also ensures that teaching is more differentiated to meet children’s individual needs, as they work in smaller groups.

StrIn Foundation Stage we document progress, interests and achievements during challenges through ‘Learning Journeys’. These include details of challenges from each week, and photographs and work those weeks.

StrYou can also contribute to your child’s Learning Journey. We have ‘Parent’s voice’ slips accessible for you to fill out for those ‘WOW’ moments where something your child says or does surprises you. These things will all work together to comprise a full picture of your child.

StrWe make full use of the expansive outdoors our school offers; children learn to persevere, take risks, be emotionally confident, and have good attitudes to learning.

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Isobel enjoyed finding out about tens and units in Maths so she decided to continue this learning during Challenges. Because she was making her own decisions about her learning, her independent problem-solving skills reached much higher levels. 

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