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Minutes from meetings 2012-2014

18.2.14- No School Council as it was Wet Breaktime.

11.2.14- Summarised the last of the plans for our British Heart Foundation Fundraising Day. Children gave sponsership forms to each Class. 

4.2.14- Teachers and School Council made paragraph for Newsletter explaining the theme of the day to Parents and Children. Read School Council box which asked about the toilets in Rowan Class. Passed on to Mr. Reed

28.1.14- Watched videos on Fundraising for the Skipathon. Prepared for assembly. Decided on children for the behaviour award- behaviour award to be politeness and manners which we introduced in Assembly. 

21.1.14- Read School Council Box which had concerns over issues in classes. Members of School Council went to speak to teachers about these. Got dinner report- good but noisy again! Issues in playground over Astroturf so Children made Rota. 

14.1.14- Wet Playtime.

17.12.13- Wet Playtime. 

10.12.13- Read playground games book and decided to show some in assembly to ensure good social skills at playtime. 

3.12.13- Shared ideas of Fundraising for Red Nose day. Went back to classes to talk to teacher. Talked about behaviour awards. Reintroduce?

26.11.13- Looked at issue of Astroturf again and talked in detail about it to School Council. Will talk about it in assembly; made a new rota and shared with other Classes. Read School Council box and sorted issues.

19.11.13- Made posters to raise awareness of Fundraising Day, made video to show the school. Prepared Assembly. 

12.11.13- Decided on asking Mr. Owens for the Onesie theme for Red Nose Day. Mr Owens said he would allow onesies but people could wear different things if they wanted, e.g. pajamas. School Council were very happy! Talked about more fundraising ideas etc. 

5.11.13- Wet play.

29.10.13- Read letters in School Council Box- resolved any issues. Still issues on Astroturf- will resolve in assembly. Decided on next fundraising day- Red Nose Day. Will look at in more detail next week.

15.10.13- Made posters to raise awareness of Ghana fundraising day. 

8.10.13-  Further planning of Ghana fundraising day. Children unsure of what their classes were doing. Asked children to go back to ask teachers to have School Council time. 


No acer and no elm.

School council letter box – letter from year 5/6 boys- complaining about girls wrecking their game. (Lets mention this in assembly.)

Organising assembly for tomorrow:

-          Dinner report (okay, but people queuing need to be quieter)

-          New school council reps

-          Issues on the playground (people not playing properly on the football pitch and also litter dropping)

-          Speakers Award entry

-          Telling school about new behaviour awards.


School Council minutes 23.9.13

Fundraising for Ghana (visitor)
Beth has been to Ghana twice. As a medical student, she has had the experience of witnessing the drawbacks of healthcare in Ghana. She was very enthusiastic to understand exactly why Ghanaiin women chose not to got to hospital to give birth- this led to a high mortality rate, and Beth was keen to know why. She has worked to encourage women to go to hospital to give birth, but because of this, hospitals resources have been stretched, which is why Beth wants to raise money.
School Council minutes 17.10.13

Fundraising ideas for Autumn Term: 
-          Non-uniform day: red, green and yellow.
-          Look into culture- Black history week?
-          Ghanaain food.
-          The children loved the beginning of Red Nose Day where there was a whole school event. They felt this united us towards a common goal. They would like to repeat this, and will open up to suggestions from the rest of the school.


A lot of children were unable to attend today due to Summer Concert rehearsal, therefore agenda of meeting is short.

No letters in the school council box and maple class are making a new box.

Maya is replacing Hannah as a rep from Maple class.

Suggestion from beech class – could we do a year 5/6 fundraiser for Childline?


10. 9. 13

Notice for next assembly – people playing football, please try to keep balls on the pitch as many children are going to first aid due to injuries from footballs. But also people not playing football (mainly KS1) need to make sure that they walk around the football pitch because this is why they are getting hurt.

Animal Club – in the mornings when they are cleaning out the rabbits- children are coming into the pen and trying to pick up the rabbits whilst they are being cleaned out. Children need to be reminded that they need to stay out whilst this is happened because they need to have special boiler suits.  Some school members have had the idea to make a sign to go on the gate to remind children.

Dinner report – very good but noisy when lining up in the que.



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