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Fundraising 2012-2013



British Heart Foundation, 14th February 2014

A fantastic day was had by all- children dressed up themed either as a 'person who helps us', or in red to go with the theme of British Heart Foundation charity. Classes went outside to complete a sponsored 'skipathon'- more information on how much we managed to raise will appear here soon!

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Red Nose Day 2013!

 Our Red Nose Day fun- see the photo's here in a brilliant animation film made by Miss Paget,

Red Nose Day



 Epilepsy Action Day, Autumn 2012!


During the Autumn Term, School Council had a fundraising day for children with Epilepsy.  All the children came to school dressed in purple!  The total amount raised was  £511. 

PA191145        Fundraising



Fundraising 2011/ 12 – WELL DONE!

You should all be very proud of yourselves! We have recently been awarded the School Council Speakers’ Award for our fundraising efforts this year as part of our project ‘Helping Our Neighbours Near and Far’. We received a certificate and a badge for our school website and letterhead. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise money for various causes.

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