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New Starters 2017


New Starters September 2017

 We are very excited to welcome you to our school this September! Your child will start school in the Foundation Stage. There are two classes - Ash Class and Saplings Class.  


This is Ash Class:

DSCF2492        DSCF2493        DSCF2494


This is Saplings Class:

DSCF2489         DSCF2490      DSCF2491




We hold a very strong ethos of play-based learning at Edwalton right from our Foundation Stage to Year 2! This follows the most successful education system in the world: Scandinavian schools give children an informal education to the age of 7, placing much emphasis on investigation, exploration and the intrinsic link between playing and learning. Please click here to read more about it. 


We have a fantastic outdoor area that we use all the time:

DSCF2127         DSCF2128


DSCF2173   DSCF2176 

DSCF2390   DSCF2463   DSCF2371 


We do lots of fun things in Foundation:

We paint, we construct, we imagine, we play, we dress up, we use playdough, we play with the bikes, we write, we learn our numbers and we learn to read!


DSCF2175  DSCF2248   

  DSCF2250  DSCF2271  DSCF2270     


We also go into the woods and go and see all the animals!


New lamb   Woods   Tn DSCN7455   IMG 9162



A normal day in Foundation

School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.30pm.  Please bring and collect your child from the Foundation outdoor play area. Playtime is at 10.30am except Fridays when it's 10.10am (because we join the rest of school for good work assembly on this day). Foundation have separate playtimes to the rest of school.  Lunchtime is 12.00 - 1.15 and children stay in the Foundation Stage outdoor area to play after lunch.

What your child will need every day:

  • Book Bag - for letters and reading books (these are available from the office)
  • A drink (a bottle is best so they can drink throughout the day and fill it up if they need to). No fizzy drinks please.
  • A snack for breaktime.
  • Wellies (for going in the woods).
  • P.E. kit - black shorts and white t-shirt to begin with until the weather gets better and we go outside.
  • You will need to show your child’s birth certificate to the Office Administrator/School Business Manager when your child starts school.
We will go outside as much as possible so please send your child with a suitable coat. When it is very cold remember a scarf, gloves and hat - we do go out in the snow!

School uniform consists of grey trousers/skirt, white polo shirt and red jumper or cardigan. Please see our School Factfile for information on how to order. 

It is essential to name everything!
All the children in the class have similar things and they will lose them at some point!

Our Foundation Stage team looks forward to welcoming you and your child into our school.



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