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International School

Edwalton Primary is an International School!


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Between 2010 and 2013 our school held the International School Award (Full Accreditation) granted by the British Council. On submission of a second application to the British Council, we were successful in gaining reaccreditation of this award for a further three years, until 2016, and the school has recently submitted a further application to extend our accreditation until 2019. 

We have just been notified that we have been successful in our application and our International School Award Reaccreditation Impact Evaluation has been approved by the assessors.  

Edwalton Primary School has been reaccredited from 18th October 2016 until 18th October 2019. 

Here are the assessor's comments on our our International Co-ordinator's evaluation:

"This is an excellent application for International School Award Reaccreditation from Edwalton Primary School, an outstanding example of what massive energy and commitment a school can put into a cause in which it believes. And this school and its wider community certainly do believe in the value of the international dimension, illustrated by the strong partneship with Army Public School in India. The breadth of content overall is staggering.

Your submitted international activities are curriculum-based, with the required number of three activities involving collaboration with a partner school in another country. The activities provide opportunities for pupils to learn about other countries and cultures. There is so much here to comment on and nothing to fault in terms of ticking the assessment boxes, so the current assessor will only highlight a few points which were of particular interest to him. Fine examples include the collaboration with your partner through the Chinese New Year and Religions in India. There was also a classroom unit on the Brazilian culture, a topic that surprisingly few schools seem to have addressed in the Summer of the Rio Olympics 2016. It would have been thrilling for children to be able to follow up with the partner school in Brazil. Do you consider finding a partner in South America to enhance pupils' current experience?

Your impact evaluation is insightful and reflective, highlighting the positive benefits of international work on your pupils, staff and local community. You have good plans to sustain and further develop your international dimension, which is clearly embedded in your curriculum and whole-school ethos .... the assessor really enjoyed looking at this application so brim-full of positive ideas and attitude.

Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as an International Co-ordinator! You are a credit to the school and the wider community.


The International School Award recognises schools which have excelled in the area of international learning and our second reaccreditation of the award confirmed our ongoing commitment to providing an enriching international dimension to teaching and learning throughout our school. The positive impact this dimension has on the life of our school was highlighted in our most recent Ofsted report.

What is the International School Award?

The award is an internationally recognised accreditation, awarded to schools which forge links with partners overseas and add an international dimension to the curriculum. Through working on joint projects and adding international elements to lessons, pupils (and teachers) are given a fresh perspective on the world and their place in it. 


Taking part in the Award:

Str links schools with others around the worldteaches pupils about other countries and cultures

Strprepares pupils for living and working in a global economy

Strenhances teaching standards through sharing best practice and teaching methods

Strleads to a new outwardly facing perspective and ethos for the school as a whole


If you would like to know more about the Award, and hear about inspirational stories from around the world, then go to and visit the International School Award pages.


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As a staff we are very appreciative to all those who have contributed and continue to contribute towards our international dimension, through sharing and participating in both school and class activities. We really value and want to celebrate the diverse cultures represented in our school. We feel that this continuing award provides us with the momentum to make stronger international links and further develop the implementation of the global dimension across our curriculum.


Our links with other schools:

Since September 2012 we have hosted visits by teachers / headteachers from:

StrNew Zealand

StrCzech Republic

StrHong KongIndia



Furthermore, we currently have active links and are working collaboratively (participating in exchanges of work between pupils) with the following schools:

Str El Colegio Santo Tomás in Ávila (Spain)

StrKaushalya World School in Uttar Pradesh (India)

StrDol Bhanjyang School in Pida Dhading (Nepal)


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