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Foundation Stage


Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Ash and Saplings Classes 

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with Miss Paget (top right) and Miss Hamer (bottom left)

Miss Graham, Mrs Godber and Mrs Roberts


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Plese click HERE for our Curriculum Overview. 


Our ethos is to give the best possible start to all children in the beginning of their education through encouraging independence, creativity and emotional well-being. We believe that children are competent, curious learners and strive to provide engaging and hands-on experiences to nurture their love of learning. We value each child as an individual and continually strive to provide inspiring, exciting learning opportunities for all of our children. We aim to give each child the confidence and deep-seated values towards learning that will guide them through their future years at our school. We work very closely with Key Stage 1 staff in order to transition children seamlessly across year groups.

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More about transition from nursery/preschool to school

We try and visit as many children coming to us in September as possible in their preschool setting.  We also try and arrange for some preschool settings to come and visit us.  We have two classes in Foundation; Ash and Saplings.  We will liaise with pre-schools about friendships before making our class lists.

We hold two transition mornings, where you can come and bring your child to meet us and the other children they will be with.  We ask that you bring your child and once they have settled leave them till lunchtime.  Details of the mornings will be sent to you once we have our admission list from the Local Authority. 

We also hold a parents meeting to keep you informed on the first weeks of starting school.  We also will send you invitation where you can meet us at our local park; this allows your child to meet more friends and you to meet other parents. 

When your child starts school in September they will start part-time.  They will attend sessions for the mornings or afternoons for the first three or four days.

Transition for Foundation to Year 1 

Transition work starts in the spring term for Foundation. During P.S.E time in the summer term we begin talking about moving on to a new class; we visit year 1 and meet the teachers.  Some children will need more transition time and these children will be taken into year 1 in small groups more often. 

Class lists will be made in the summer term and we talk to the children about this; this is then sent out to parents.  There are two classrooms in year 1; Holly and Oak. 

All children take part in the school’s transition mornings, where they will spend the morning in their new class with their new teacher.  


"With a pinch of confidence, a sprinkle of motivation, a spadeful of courage and a bucket-load of enthusiasm, a tiny acorn can grow into the mightiest oak'.

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Our Phonics Presentation from the information evening

 A useful guide to school readiness

If you would like to see what your child has been doing, see our timetable here.

 Please also explore the links below to read more about our 'challenge-based' curriculum, early reading, homework and other learning links for you to explore with your child. 

Edwalton primary


Click here to read about how we implement Play-based learning.

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Internet links for learning

Some useful internet links for Foundation Stage Children.

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