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The animals on our Farm.


Animals on Our farm


The Chickens

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We are the newest additons to the school farm. We were hatched out in Holly and Oak class and the children loved watching us fighting our way out of our shells.  We love scratching about in the grass and eating our corn.  We enjoy being out in the sunlight and fresh air.  We get quite hungry and enjoy worms and grubs as well as our corn. If you could sponsor us we’d be very happy. We are getting quite famous we have appeared on television and in the press. Some of our brothers and sisters appear on the Edwalton YouTube site.




The Goats

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We are very friendly goats and are easy to handle! We are sociable animals and get on well with the other animals at the farm. Dwarf goats come in many colors. Main color families are black, chocolate and gold. Random white markings are common, as are spots and other color combinations such as red, white, gold and black.

We have two goats named Floss and Candy. They have lived here at school for a long time now and are very well settled- they love to be fussed and stroked and are a bit cheeky!  They love their food and can eat a lot so they need someone special to sponsor them!

We also have Bill and Ben. They are Sarnam goats and also brothers. They like the other goats and we're quite bossy. When children come into the pen they like to be stroked. Please sponsor us to make sure that we're well fed and happy!

Petal and Clover are our baby pygmy goats. They've only been at Edwalton a short time and are growing up fast. They are getting more confident day by day. Can you sponsor them?


The Sheep

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Molly is our British milk sheep and she am the longest and oldest resident on the Edwalton school farm. She is a sweet natured sheep and loves to be made a fuss of. She is very good friends with Ginger the goat, he makes sure I get she gets her fair share of the food! She loves hay and bread and want to be sponsored so that I can live out the rest of my days with lots of food and love. 


The Rabbits

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The rabbits at our School are very popular, especially with the younger children! They live together on Rabbit Island, where they live together and have both hutches to keep warm inside, and an area to exersise and play in. Our rabbits are very friendly and funny to watch- have a look- when they hop around in the air, this means they are very happy! 




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