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Recent Eco-Team News

What have we been doing lately? 

In just the past few months these are some of the things we have achieved:

- We made a questionnaire to give to the children and teachers to find out how they travel to school and how they would like to travel to school. Watch this space to see what we found out ....
- Four children from Eco went to Governors to tell then what we have been doing. We especially enjoyed showing the Governors how much our gas and electricity expenditure has reduced since getting the solar panels
- We have been litter picking to keep our school grounds smart and tidy. We also hope to go litter picking in the community for our Queen's birthday celebrations.
- We've been setting sand traps in our woods to help us know which animals are living in our school grounds. So far we have spied deer, squirrel, fox and badger footprints as well as lots of birds.
- We've been helping our school's biodiversity by building bat boxes, bird feeders and bug hotels.
- We've been monitoring classes and the school to make sure that lights and appliances are turned off and waste is put in the correct bin.
- We won the 'Wildlife on our Doorstep' award for all of our hard work.
- Children have gone around school checking that stickers were still on light switches and signs were still there to tell people what the stickers mean.
- We have shown other schools around our grounds to help them learn how to be green.


Eco members helping to move a pile of wood chips to the access point to the field from the playground - an eco friendly way of dealing with how boggy it can become during winter!

20140206 130319 

Eco-team working together at lunchtime, tree-planting.

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In cold and frosty weather, it can be difficult for birds to find food. In Eco-Club we made lots of bird feeders so that birds in our School can find food more easily! 

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