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Eco Update Autumn 2017

We have a great Eco Team this year full of friendly faces from Key Stage 2.

So far this term we have been monitoring the classrooms to see which class are the most eco friendly. So far we have been particularly impressed by Rowan, Hazel and Spruce who always remember to turn their lights out and use the recycling bins well.

We have also helped make some great displays around the school and really enjoyed painting our school, drawing our animals and making a collage of the earth. We have also decided that helping others is important to us and have chosen both a local and international charity to support. We have chosen The Friary as our local charity and will continue to give food from the Food share garden to the homeless but are still debating which international charity to help… watch this space.

In the next few weeks Eco Club are going to take in books from across the school to make sure that we are all doing lots of incredible outdoor learning. We hope to see some exciting pictures of children enjoying their beautiful surroundings. We will feedback to the teachers and children on what we like about their work and what we think they can make even more amazing.

The Year 2 children have done some super science work about what makes our school so special. Below is a picture of what they like best about our school.

Keep up the good work Eco Club!

Eco update



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