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Art Week 2014

Art Week took place this year on the week beginning 10th February. Our theme was 'Landscapes', which was interpreted in different ways across the year groups:


Foundation Stage: A carousel using photos of the gardens in school to create a variety of flowers.
Year 1: Using photos of shapes around school e.g. fences, bins, watering cans to make drawings on polystyrene blocks for printing.
Year 2: Looking at photos of school buildings to make newspaper collages with marker pen detail and colour wash.
Year 3/4: Looking at the school field and woods and using Complementary and harmonising colours with oil pastels.
Year 5/6: Large/small and black/white landscape drawings of the school field and farm views.

Here are a few photographs from the week- there will be more detail soon to come!

DSCF3002 DSCF3011     



Art Week 2013

The theme for Art Week 2013 was ‘Out of This World’. Each team took a different approach to the theme linking in with their Topic or Literacy work. The children had the opportunity to work with a variety of media using different techniques to produce both 2D and 3D artwork. Local artist Julie Turner also worked with each class on different activities appropriate to their age range, providing all the resources needed.


Foundation- The Faraway Tree

Wooden Spoon Fairies/Elves – using a variety of fabrics, cutting and sticking.

Clay and Twig Trees – moulding clay

Junk Models of Story Characters – designing, different ways of attaching and painting.

Clay Monsters – using clay tools

Sock Puppets – using fabrics cutting and attaching.

Painted Casts of Fairies and Gnomes - painting

Designed/Made Miniature Gardens – designing and using resources from the environment.



Input from Julie Turner:

Fantasy Trees- using a variety of media to make and decorate fantasy trees.    




Yr1 – The Rainforest

Handprint/Fingerprint Animal Pictures – printing and pattern making.

Tissue Paper Collage Animals – cutting, tearing and sticking

Pastel Rainforest Trees – different techniques with pastels including shading and colour mixing.

 Parrots – using mixed media.

Animal Masks – cutting, tearing and sticking.


Oil pastels, soft pastels, feathers, tissue paper, black paper and glue sticks.



Input form Julie Turner:

Using tribal textile patterns as a springboard for the children to create their own designs. Using oil pastels and candle wax with a coloured dye to create a wax resist effect.






Yr2 – Under the Sea

Coral Reef Pastel Pictures inspired by Australian artist Ken Done – using oil pastels with a thinned paint wash.

‘Through The Porthole’ Tissue Paper Collages – cutting, tearing, scrunching and sticking. 

Sea Creature Silhouettes on a Marbled Background – using marbling inks and creating outlines.


Felt tip/Marker Pen ‘Name Fish’ – using ‘line’ to create different patterns.

Under The Sea Plaques – using glass pens on transparent plastic tiles.

‘Fabulous Fish’ Collages – using a variety of media to create pattern


Marbling inks, glass pens, glass paint, acrylic plaques, embossed honeycomb, jumbo fish shapes, gummed paper and hologram sequins.

Input from Julie Turner

Using gold pens/silk paints to create underwater pictures on silk.




Yr 3/4 – The Surreal Planet

Surreal Landscapes – using marbling inks to create a background.

Clay Models of Surreal Animals – using clay tools and painting.

Dali Inspired Surreal Collages – using magazine pictures.

Mini Matisse Pictures – cutting silhouettes

Surreal Collages Inspired by Magritte – using computer generated images.


Marbling ink, pastels, watercolours, clay, cartridge paper and wallpaper paste.


Input from Julie Turner

Creating large torn paper collage backgrounds on large circles and incorporating a drawn object which doesn’t belong.





Yr 5/6 – Outer Space

Space Artwork Inspired by Peter Thorpe – using paint and collage

Starry Night Pictures Inspired by Van Gogh – using oil pastels.

Planets of the Solar System – using papier mache and paint.

Space Craft Models – ways of attaching and decorating.


Mashing tape, easy tear tape, printing sponges, fine paint brushes, plastic tubing and wallpaper paste.


Input from Julie Turner

Work with wet on wet and coloured dyes to make planets using coffee filters.


Report by Mrs. Lee – Art Co-ordinator,





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