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Netball 2013

B Team Netball tournament report

Well done to all the girls who took part in high five netball tournament on Thursday 24th of May. Also thank you Mrs Godber, Mrs
Phillips and the parents who supported us throughout the matches, we couldn’t have done it without them. Our first match we
won 10-0 to Gamston. The goals were scored by Macy, Kyra, Aysha and Danaai. The second match was against Lady Bay, we
won that 2-0. The goals were scored by Laura and Kyra. The last match was against St Peter’s in that game we won 4-0 but it
was a team effort that made us win. In the end we won the tournament out of all the B teams.
Report by Kyra MacDonald and Macy Kang


Netball Report – Matches at Ruddington St Peter’s

On Monday 20th May we took two netball teams to play St Peter’s School at Ruddington. Our ‘B’ team was made up of girls
who had never played a match before. Unfortunately they didn’t win but every girl played extremely well and really enjoyed the
experience. The team was: Caitlin Walker, Mollie Byles, Eleanor Meese, Eleanor O’Raw, Charlotte Blatherwick and Carla Fry.
Our ‘A’ team for the day was made up of girls who had previously played only in the ‘B’ team. They made a brilliant start and
were leading for some of the match. They didn’t win but they played at a much faster pace and to a higher standard than ever
before. The team was:- Charlotte Owadally, Macy Kang, Danaai Creek, Kyra MacDonald, Maya Pate and Hannah Crane.
A big ‘thankyou’ to all those parents who helped with the transport and/or came to support us.
Report by Mrs Phillips

Rushcliffe Family Hi 5 Netball Tournament
On 23rd May we took two teams to play in the Rushcliffe Hi 5 Netball tournament. It was an exciting afternoon for everyone and
both teams did brilliantly. The ‘B’ team won all their games and were winners of the ‘B’ team league. Our ‘A’ team won two
matches and drew 2 matches but this was enough to make them winners of the ‘ ‘A’ team league and therefore winners of the
tournament overall. We have a fantastic trophy which is on display in the school entrance. Thank you to everyone for their
support. Full report from the teams to follow soon.

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